Wednesday, June 22, 2011

360 days of summer continues! Bike rides are on the menu - with a side of skinned knee and sore backside. Even though I need a doughnut to sit down, and a pillow to put under my bottom like I was a victim of a horrible prison event, I still loved it. What's great about bike rides is not the pedaling, or the riding, or the stupid helmet. What's important is looking at the kids, and seeing how awesome they think it is (and noticing how little they are screaming and yelling at each other during this glorious ride.) In the end, aren't half of the activities we do just designed to keep the kids entertained so they don't kill each other and make you watch an excess of soap operas to escape the madness? If this sounds like you, I suggest a bike ride!
As any apocalyptic dad (a dad who plays by his own rules) knows, other people's opinion mean nothing. However, everyone will have an opinion of how you're doing. "oh, they shouldn't do that" or "do you think your child performing a touchdown endzone dance in that fountain is appropriate?" - the answer is SHUT THE HELL UP. I'll parent how I want, and if you think that's going to be the end of the world...sorry. But I digress. My point is, people will still nitpick no matter what you do. So just do what you like. You'd think a bike ride would be sufficiently sanitized that no one would offer complaint. Maybe they shouldn't have been flipping brodies on the park grass. Maybe they shouldn't have been spitting their water at each other while they rode past. But come on! Victim-less crime. Would you rather they spat water, or spray painted your fence? The choice is clear. Have fun out there!

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